Shark Tank

In the final week of the term 3-4 students had the opportunity to present their designs to their classmates. On Friday a few students had the chance to present to our guest judge ‘ Shamira’

Remy and Tom D developed an easier way to store pens, pencils and scissors with the ‘Tub-a-Tron’. There will be no more wasting time searching for pens and pencils in the bottom of your tub.

Will S and Adam invented ‘Buttermite’  we will no longer be stuck with having butter in our vegemite jar thanks to these two boys inventing the two in one easy squeezy tube.

Charlton and Ruben designed the ‘Multi-Board’, a combination of a skateboard, surfboard,  Why buy one of each when you can have an all in one board.?

Talon, Kalan and Sean T developed the ‘Spooncil’, with a pencil on one end and a spoon on the other now you can eat and do your homework at the same time.

Emma Coates developed an easy to carry water filter system with a number of layers to ensure that dirty water will quickly become clean.

Sendrera, Thalia, Emma Cal and Katelyn combined a drink bottle and a pencil case to have the ‘Drinky-case’.  Now all our classroom supplies are easily combined.

Kate created the ‘SHH Shoes’ Silent High Heels. Now you will no longer be woken by mum coming home clip clopping in the hallway in her high heels.


Congratulations to our winners Will S and Adam. Well done to every student in grade 3 and 4 for the amazing designs that were created.emma finalists girls kalan and talon will and adam toma dn remy shamina ruben and charlton kate

The language that all students in grade 3 and 4 are using in regards to designing is fantastic! They understand about the design process and that receiving feedback on their designs supports them in creating an even better product.

Students created, designed and researched to create some incredible products! I think we have some inventors and designers in our midst.

We Are Bucket Fillers

bucket fillers

In Year 3/4 we are becoming experts in the ‘Bucket Filling’ department. We are continuing to examine the concept of filling each other’s bucket with kindness and experiencing the joy that this behaviour brings. Ask your child about being a bucket filler – the benefits are endless.


Classroom Capers

As always our students will attend focus teaching groups in Literacy and Numeracy. These groups are designed to teach the student where they are at in their learning whilst always striving to engage and further develop understanding of the curriculum content. As each child learns in their own unique style and every learning journey is different, it is imperative that students’ individual needs are catered for. Teachers conduct extensive assessments and use the data obtained to determine and meet each child’s learning needs. Because these groups are determined by need and not by the classroom group the child belongs in, our students are afforded the opportunity to work with a range of teachers in the 3/4 area. This method delivers many benefits, not least the opportunity to build significant relationships with other teachers at Holy Rosary.curriculum

It truly does develop a great community spirit and allows students to work with teachers and peers that they may not have had the opportunity to do so if restricted to designated ‘classroom groups’.


Science Seeker

Earth Science – Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day


In term 3 Science we will be learning about how the Earth moves in space and relating its movement to observations that we make at home. We will examine the relative sizes of the sun, moon and Earth and explore other issues of interest related to space that are student initiated.

Inquiry in Term 3



This term we are designers!!!!! Students will investigate the design process and explore the concept that Designers use creative thinking and designers innovate on ideas. The understandings we will be investigating include:

  • Designers have different purposes – that include meeting wants and needs, making money and (of course) aesthetic purpose
  • There is a design process that includes planning, testing and evaluating
  •  Different materials have different characteristics and properties, combinations etc.

Be prepared to be amazed as all of our innovative, creative students are let loose as master designers.

Religion in Term 3


As we finish off our last unit Mary Faithful Disciple students have been examining the qualities that Mary possessed as our model of discipleship. This research has provided a great foundation for us to begin our new unit Living the Law of Love. In this unit we will explore the concept that Jesus Christ is the model of Christian love and respect and that through friendship people learn about themselves, about others and about God. As bucket fillers we know that sometimes friends need forgiveness, this unit explores how people experience love and forgiveness through their friends. Students will also examine how the sacrament of Penance is a celebration and sign of God’s love and forgiveness.



Reflections of Genius Day

Think about all of the things that you have done on Genius Day this year.

What were the activities that you have enjoyed the most? Why?

What new skills have you learnt?

What new skills would you still like to learn?

Think about these questions carefully as the things that you suggest may become real Genius Day activities.

Religion in Term 2

Initiation- Baptism, the Eucharist and Confirmation

In this unit students explore the relationship between the sacraments of Initiation. Students examine the symbols and rituals which are used in these celebrations. Students are invited to reflect upon and monitor their learning in relation to the sacraments of Initiation.

This unit aligns with students participating in the Sacrament of the First Eucharist on the 15th of May.

Mary- Faithful Disciple

In this unit students explore the concept of discipleship through an exploration of Mary. They learn about Mary as the Christian model of discipleship through an analysis of The Annunciation and The Visitation in Luke’s Gospel and the Wedding at Cana in John’s Gospel. At the conclusion of the unit students identify ways in which they can live as a disciple in their school or family situation. They also plan and participate in a liturgy or devotion to Mary.



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